A time of reflection, a positive future and a record month for Gainsborough-based car dealer


For many of us, 2020 will be a year that will not be forgotten for a multitude of reasons. Without doubt, many businesses have faced challenges that they didn’t expect and it has been no different for the team at Autohub, who opened their doors following the first lockdown!

Since the closure of Charles Warner Vauxhall in Gainsborough in 2014, the site next door to Kwik Fit on Trinity Street remained derelict for many years.

Wilson and Co, part of the RJTK Group of companies, were excited to re-launch the site in 2018 offering Vauxhall New and Used Sales and Aftersales and this gave the company a chance to get a feel for the local area. It was discovered that there was further potential for the site to focus on all makes and models of used cars.Ah - Automotive Hub Ltd

The first lockdown, like so many, saw the site close in order to manage expenses and key-workers and essential drivers were directed to Wilson and Co in Scunthorpe. During this time, RJTK Management took time to reflect on the business model and it became clear that the service and MOT requirements of local motorists was well and truly catered for within the area and that the greater potential was to offer quality used cars and increase the capacity of the site to meet local and national demand.

Autohub was established as an all new offering – a complete re-take on the usual car buying experience, whereby a relaxed, informal and friendly approach has seen the business go from strength to strength. The variety of vehicles in stock means that there is an appeal throughout the UK and whilst we love nothing more than to meet local customers, our team are looking after customers throughout the country.

Indeed, May has proven this success with the Autohub team delivering 45 cars! A huge achievement and a proud moment for the team that Managing Director, Darren Bradford, was quick to acknowledge, ‘It’s an amazing result especially as the team are currently under staffed and had a big clear up operation following an arson attack. Nothing has knocked their positive attitude, determination and hard work! I couldn’t be more proud and have ensured they received gifts to help them celebrate!’

Clear to see that whilst decisions can be hard to make and change isn’t always easy, the Autohub brand has a positive future. A great team, glowing customer service reviews and a no-nonsense easy way of doing business which is proving to be a hit!

The RJTK Group is the parent company of Wilson and Co Vauxhall, Drayton Motors Kia and Autohub

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