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Part Exchange at Autohub
Arranging a Part Exchange at Autohub

Our goal is to make sure we offer a fair and accurate valuation for your vehicle enabling us to give you the best deal on your next vehicle purchase, either from the great range of vehicles we hold in stock, or by finding you that perfect vehicle based on your choice of requirements. Either way you can rest assured that, due to our price check guarantee, you will get the best value for money vehicles in the marketplace!

We know that buying a new car can be a stressful experience but not with Autohub, we are experts in assisting you in every step of the way so feel reassured that we are here for you, contact us via phone, email or video call and one of our Customer Service Advisors will explain the simple process clearly and concisely.

Part Exchange Handing Over Car Keys - Automotive Hub Ltd
Part Exchange Modern Car Key - Automotive Hub Ltd
Explain what a part exchange is?

Part exchanging your old car for a new one enables you to use the value of your vehicle against the cost of a new used car, as a part payment or not depending on your requirements.

What are the benefits of part exchanging my current vehicle with Autohub?

  • You can get your old car valued with Autohub and then at your own convenience drive to us in Gainsborough, drop your old car off and drive away in your new car, simple and quick.
  • As part of the Autohub service we will ensure all paperwork is completed and even assist in sorting out any existing finance that you may have as part of the trade in process.
  • Once we have valued your old car, whatever the condition or mileage we will arrange to purchase it from you, all part of the Autohub service.
  • We are experts at valuing cars and so can reassure you that OUR price is a great price.
Can you explain how part exchange works?
Arranging a part exchange with Autohub is designed to make the process easy and non-stressful, below are the steps that are involved:

  • Browse our selection of used cars on the Autohub website, using the filters to find the right car for you.
  • Apply for a part exchange valuation by clicking on the button on the car that you would like, this will send an email to one of our Sales team so they can contact you to find out more details.
  • Visit us in Gainsborough where we can give you a fair and accurate valuation and then discuss what car you’ve found and how you would like to proceed with the sale of your existing car.
  • When you are happy with all the information we have given you and are ready to complete we will give you a date when you can come and pick up your new car and drop off your old one, all paper work will be completed so all you have to do is leave with a big smile and drive away happy.
Part Exchange Your Used Car With Auto Hub
Part Exchange with Auto Hub
Can you tell me what documents I will need to bring with me?

So, you are ready to trade in your old car for a sparkly new car, this is what you will need to bring with you:

  • Your Log book (V5C)
  • The latest MOT Certificate
  • Any Service history documents
  • Any Spare keys you have
  • The locking wheel nut key
  • The vehicle manual and other vehicle documents that might be relevant

To settle your outstanding finance, you simply need provide the following documentation just so we have everything we need to complete the transaction:

  • Current driving licence
  • Full details of the finance company you used
  • The final settlement figure

*Additional Information May Be Required

Tips on getting the most money for your car
  • Please have all the correct documentation and finance details to hand, this will make sure that the process goes smoothly and swiftly
  • Giving your old car a good clean inside and out will allow us to make a more accurate valuation on your car, meaning more money for you.
  • A fully working vehicle with legal tyres and a dashboard with no warning lights will always get a better valuation.
  • More than 3 months MOT on a car is key to getting the best value for your vehicle so consider having an MOT done before getting a valuation.
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